Joseph T. Charles Mentor Program

The Joseph T. Charles (JTC) Mentor Program, developed by the Lambda Chi Alpha Educational Foundation, aims to harness the vast knowledge and experience of more than 3,000 living alumni in the Houston area.  The Program is designed to leverage this knowledge and talent base to mentor junior and senior collegian members, thereby building even stronger lifetime relationships between brothers – alumni and collegian – regardless of individual chapter affiliation.

The JTC Mentor Program, implemented by the Educational Foundation and Area Alumni Associations, will deliver values-based activities that support, link, and network collegians with alumni to further a collegian brother’s growth, academically, personally or professionally.  The Program allows for participation that recognizes the time constraints of participants, utilizing all forms of communication and engagement whether in person, by phone, via email, or other social media outlets.

Based on Lambda Chi Alpha’s core values, the Mentor Program is focused on personal growth and development that, once identified, can help the collegian and alumnus in future life endeavors.


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Mentoring Academy

The Mentoring Academy is a four-hour seminar where collegians and alumni are matched together to begin a personal and professional mentoring relationship.  With curriculum rooted in Lambda Chi Alpha’s Core Values, the Mentoring Academy is an opportunity to introduce the alumni experience to current collegians, and to engage our current alumni in a meaningful way.

Current Curriculum

• Career Advancement
• Skill & Strength Building
• Understanding Philanthropy
• The Alumni Experience
• Mentoring 101
• Marketing Your Experience
• Networking 101

What it Does

• Prepares collegians to become more competitive and effective job seeking candidates
• Provides articulation methods to translate Lambda Chi Alpha core values into marketplace skills
• Establishes mentoring relationships to coach resume building, interviewing skills and personal and professional development